About Me

Hi, my names Rich I am a front-end web developer from the South West of England, since graduating from Solent University in 2020 I have split my time working freelance and working in the cycle industry.

During my degree, I got to improve my design skills learning about design theory and UX (user experience) and my practical skills and languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, React JS and much more. I also took the chance to involve myself in local meetups and networking events, Including Hack For Good 2 a charity hackathon day where I joined a team and helped design an AI chatbot for the YMCA.

OLED Research

For my dissertation at university, I chose to go a slightly different route with a research project based around OLED technology. And whether or not light and dark themes really make the energy-saving claims business such as Google have. Titled “Energy Efficiency Analysis of Digital Display Panels” the results found a significant saving for “dark” themes over the more traditional “light”, but not as high as Google and others had claimed. This opens up some interesting questions about the future of screen panels and how, as designers, we could adapt. I plan to carry on with this research as more screen panels become available to me, the full paper can be found below.